one job

I have one job this winter…well, beside my 9-5 and non-profit work. I need to write at least a lit review for a thesis about economic models. No more messing around.

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A culture of many….

I have developed an informal and anonymous poll for my community. Informal in that the questions and poll design are somewhat imperfect. I readily admit that I have bias in putting this poll out there, and I also readily admit that I’m happy to change those biases, if I find the counter-narrative based in fact […]

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Don’t lose the lesson

Stories like this are super-encouraging. But let’s not lose the lesson. As we move towards more sustainable ways of transportation, if we don’t do something about crass capitalism, we won’t have gained much ground. Electric vehicles and energy production still require responsible extraction, production, and recycling of every component and by-product. Tesla is working toward […]

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Have care

I started watching “Poldark” recently and am enamored with the way the script is written and acted. So, I have decided to use it as much as possible. I’m a weirdo like that. So, when I say “have care” I intend for you to be very careful about how your attention is used and applied […]

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Single issue voter

I have never wanted to be a single issue voter, but I’ve come to realize that if we don’t have environmental justice and equity, if we don’t make environmental health our number one priority, if we don’t have respect for the natural world and all her inhabitants, we can’t have justice, health, or a respectful […]

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Let the people speak

We are caught in an endless, vicious, unproductive cycle where we think we elect people to positions of power to represent us – but then they are swallowed up into the machine and courted, swayed, and bullied by industry representatives. Every two years or so, the election cycle begins – politicals step up, make promises, […]

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I called the governor…

….a punk-ass bitch. Not to his face. Or even in direct communication with him. No, I threw this insult at him over social media. Twice. Just so you have context. A couple of my contemporaries gave me side-eye glances at having done this thing. I could have used more polite words. I could have called […]

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Perfect analogy

Industry has a very weird way of looking at the world and I got a glimpse of this the other day while out and about having a beer. We sat down at a community style table and the guys next to me were having a very animated discussion that I wasn’t the least bit interested […]

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

I just sent the following letter to Ben Blank, Climate Policy Section Manager at ECY. I think that we deserve to understand how a greenhouse gas emissions inventory registers the oil industry as zero for methane and does not show any measurement for nitrous oxide, which is twelve times more damaging than methane. When a […]

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