I called the governor…

….a punk-ass bitch. Not to his face. Or even in direct communication with him. No, I threw this insult at him over social media. Twice. Just so you have context. A couple of my contemporaries gave me side-eye glances at having done this thing. I could have used more polite words. I could have called […]

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Perfect analogy

Industry has a very weird way of looking at the world and I got a glimpse of this the other day while out and about having a beer. We sat down at a community style table and the guys next to me were having a very animated discussion that I wasn’t the least bit interested […]

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

I just sent the following letter to Ben Blank, Climate Policy Section Manager at ECY. I think that we deserve to understand how a greenhouse gas emissions inventory registers the oil industry as zero for methane and does not show any measurement for nitrous oxide, which is twelve times more damaging than methane. When a […]

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Monitoring the air

I recently acquired a Plume Air Monitor to monitor more than just PM2.5. I like Plume because it’s portable and reliable. My plan is to start spending time at select sites around the Port of Tacoma with my Plume attached to start gathering baseline data. On a separate note, it has become a point of […]

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Air Quality Monitoring – VOC

Here is a 20 minute video that should help you get a little education about VOCs and how they get measured. This is an explanation pertaining to clip on sensors. There’s some good information in here, but you will kind of have to extrapolate in consideration of ambient monitoring of VOCs. Note – I’m not […]

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This is a small survey I created to begin the conversation in the community about the correlation between air quality and health. The questions are not intended to establish correlation and causality – instead, the questions are designed to gauge interest and awareness within the community about our health and how we might be impacted […]

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Back to it

It’s been a while since I have put enough words together, in a thoughtful way, to qualify as an article. The time has been spent working, studying economics, and living. The time has come for me to get back to writing articles. I’m a bit out of practice, but I hope to get back in […]

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Upcoming events:

August 28 – Tideflats Subarea Plan – August 28, City Hall, Noonish?   Change doesn’t come overnight. We know that this is a long battle. While the port and the city continue to drag their feet on this process, they are not dragging their feet as far as encouraging/allowing industry to push new projects and […]

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Complicit in homelessness

I’m doing some research on how the City’s inaction contributes to the issue of homelessness. I have a bit more research to do. But This is what I have found so far. I wanted to go to tonight’s council meeting to stand with the residents of Tiki apartments, but I didn’t get to Tacoma until […]

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Assumes good intent….

Last night, I made myself watch the State of the City for City of Tacoma. I did not want to watch it. I did not want to be there in person. I don’t deal well with disingenuous people who use their positions of power to espouse ways of being in the world that harm others. […]

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Emissions – a visual story

A gathering of photos showing the onslaught of emissions that we are exposed to. Industry wants us to believe that this is mostly steam. The burden of proof is theirs to assure the citizens that we are not being poisoned. I have little confidence in industry. They vehemently campaign against regulations or fines which would […]

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Violation of the public’s trust

I have written before of the ways that industry and agency have worked together on projects which end with a result of the violation of the public’s trust. Projects which, in the effort to bypass the godawful red tape of public administration, are fast tracked through agency in the purported spirit of allowing industry to […]

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