The exploitative economy

We live in a world where, for the last 400 years or so, economic models were based on exploitation. Exploitation of natural resources, exploitation of people, exploitation of markets. Somewhere along the way, this exploitation was normalized and the mechanisms for exploitation are heralded, lauded, and revered. The inhumane impacts of these economic models have been ignored and even covered up by the machines – the mechanisms – the people who built and run them. Trade deals and seeking profits keep us hungry, and constantly on the brink of war. Corporations get more power and leeway than they should rightfully have. They are registered as Limited LIABILITY corporations, but they utilize their status as if they were Limited RESPONSIBILITY corporations. 

Our economic histories are steeped in deception, murder, and greed. Our economic realities are steeped in deception, murder, and greed. 

It is time for a new economy. But what people will tell you is that we can’t have a new economy. Not without total chaos. I don’t believe that. I believe that there is a better way, and it’s not too far-fetched. I believe that there have been numerous economic models in this world, for example, Indigenous economies, which are fertile grounds where we can seek wisdom, methods, and models. I’m embarking upon a journey to educate myself about economic principles in order to change our economic realities.

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We deserve egalitarian economic models. But it won’t drop into our laps. We have to work for this, we have to educate ourselves, and we have to be strong as a community in order for this to come to fruition. I am hoping that by starting to dig into this, as if it were a dissertation, so to speak, that I can help empower myself and others in any effort to create a new economic reality for us all. I am only one person, so by myself I may not be able to do much, but many hands make light work, and if we can get our selves together, we can create a new world. 


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