A culture of many….

I have developed an informal and anonymous poll for my community. Informal in that the questions and poll design are somewhat imperfect. I readily admit that I have bias in putting this poll out there, and I also readily admit that I’m happy to change those biases, if I find the counter-narrative based in fact and compelling.

As it stands right now, though, I’m pretty confident that my bias is based in fact. I have seen and observed too many things with my wise and critical mind, tested them by the wisdom and critical soul Creator granted me for navigating this world.

When I posted this on a particular community site, someone took umbrage with the way the 3rd and 4th questions were set up as “required”. I admit that this is a fault in the poll and shows my bias. I hope everyone knows that when I say informal, I mean that I’m gathering data to ‘test the waters’ so to speak, and to learn from my mistakes. I thank you all for your patience and support. Gathering this data will point us in a couple of directions, I believe. We have to stop wringing our hands and bemoaning the capture of power by the corporate citizen and their agency lackeys. WE have the power. Do we have the will? Can we do this in a good way? I say yes! Miigwech!

It feels like changing our society is difficult. We don’t agree. We have different values. Different goals. Here is the truth.

We aren’t meant to agree – not on everything. When we all agree on everything, we transform from a wandering, meandering river into a straightened, fast-flowing river. We lose the lessons. We lose the ability to marinate and ground ourselves in the juice and flavor of the river bed and the river bank. We have to change our thoughts on this. We have to repent of this idea that we should agree on everything – moreso – we have to repent of the idea that we are to separate ourselves from people who don’t agree with us. When we agree on everything and only listen to those who think like us, we lose the diversity of thought. Our conversations, our resolutions, our actions become void of life. They become a monoculture where very little will thrive.

We have different values. We have different goals. Everything in the previous paragraph holds true here. We have been seduced into believing that the monoculture is the only way to a bountiful life, the only way to prosperity and abundance. This is a lie. Monoculture is the way that corporate citizens steal wealth. Not just financial wealth. The wealth of a healthy community and society. The wealth of a healthy dialogue. The wealth of a healthy soil.

When we think that changing our society is so difficult, often it is because we think we- as an individual – are solely responsible for making the change. We look around but we don’t see anyone to plan with, or maybe we think that we, alone, have the answer – and if only we could convince others that we have that magic solution to our problems, we could move forward, but we can’t seem to connect or commune. This is only one of many possible scenarios that cause us to forego actually moving forward and claiming our power.

What is yours? Would you be willing to talk to someone you don’t agree with? Would you consider building your spirit up to a point where you could be a witness to the hate and anger of others without being pulled into their vortex? If you were willing to do that, would you be willing to commit yourself to love, in every moment? These are the questions I ask myself.

It may seem odd to be reading these words on a blog dedicated to a better future for a port….I would remind you, that in order to have a better future for our port, for our estuary, for a giver of life where history shows that diversity is true abundance, we must start the change with these very difficult conversations. We want to change, but do we know what we want instead of the status quo? A single vision is not enough to topple it. A monovision won’t succeed. But a vision of diverse and equitable nature will succeed. We want to break the stranglehold that the corporate citizen seems to hold on our reality, we must be willing to look reality in the face and bring a beautifully diverse change to that reality.

I encourage you to go to the water. Go to the banks and listen to the water as it laps, as it touches the soil, the sand, the rocks. Listen and open yourself to a beautiful opportunity to be an agent of change, full of love and life.

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