Have care

I started watching “Poldark” recently and am enamored with the way the script is written and acted. So, I have decided to use it as much as possible. I’m a weirdo like that.

So, when I say “have care” I intend for you to be very careful about how your attention is used and applied these days. Two points in case: the recent cat fight between an elder stateswoman and a candidate for president, and whether or not a girl from Sweden is being used to further some NWO agenda.

I’m no fool and have only minuscule amounts of naïveté left in this half century old being. It’s titillating and tempting to get pulled into the so-called controversies and ‘conversations’.

I caution you to stay only aware of the conversations, without getting into the stye where the swine are fighting for the kernels and cobs of your attention.

The cat fight is a distraction. The authenticity of a young girl’s efforts is meant to discredit and take your eyes off the true conversations.

Have care. Do not get pulled in. Stay awake and aware but let fools folly with others who don’t have the attention span or Knowledge that will result in good outcomes for us all.

There is a madman draining this nation of its integrity and wealth. There is a climate chaos unfolding in front of our eyes. Stay in the mode of how you can help right these boats. Don’t get distracted, and have care with the gifts you bring to this world.

Carry on and keep grounded.

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