Don’t lose the lesson

Stories like this are super-encouraging. But let’s not lose the lesson.

As we move towards more sustainable ways of transportation, if we don’t do something about crass capitalism, we won’t have gained much ground. Electric vehicles and energy production still require responsible extraction, production, and recycling of every component and by-product. Tesla is working toward a 100% closed loop system. BMW is doing something similar.

Additionally, we must learn to hold the polluters responsible for the environmental disasters they leave in their wake. No longer should we be willing to accept the socialization of the risk while they privatize the profits. This mantra has been around for a long time, but it’s time for it to take hold and have meaning in the heart of the people. A corporation is not a human person. It is unable to take anything ‘to heart’.

I am so happy that I have the opportunity to drive an electric vehicle, but I’m not self-righteous about it. There are still plenty of ways that I contribute to environmental degradation and social injustices. All of which I’m trying to work on, bit by bit.

The way forward is in our ability – and courage – to face our weaknesses and failures, to learn from them, and to carry the lesson into the work we do in the next moment. We have to rethink what an economy really is, and how we undetake the work that creates true value in life. Yes, keep innovating, but do not abandon the egalitarian ideas around equity in access, equity in stake-holder status, and equity in the decision making processes.

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