I called the governor…

….a punk-ass bitch. Not to his face. Or even in direct communication with him. No, I threw this insult at him over social media. Twice. Just so you have context.

A couple of my contemporaries gave me side-eye glances at having done this thing. I could have used more polite words. I could have called him duplicitous, or disingenuous. I have used those words many times in the past. But I’m not as gifted as Mark Twain or Will Rogers at slinging polite words with a powerful sting.

“A fool and his money are soon elected.” Will Rogers

So, I do what I can and I stand by my action. I will own it. Unlike the governor.

Where I come from, when a member of the community benefits from some actions within that community, but then runs and hides when the tough times arrive, that person is referred to as a punk-ass bitch. That person no longer will reap the benefit of respect or honor, because they didn’t earn it. In fact, they squandered away any goodwill they may have earned previously, because of their inability to human up and take the bad with the good.

As far as I’m concerned, Inslee’s refusal to write an executive order that would stop the 40 year commitment to fossil fuels, in the form of an ugly LNG tank currently being built under false pretenses in Tacoma, is a betrayal of his supposed stance on climate change. His refusal to meet with Indigenous People’s, whose commitment, wisdom, and knowledge are shining examples for those of us who can see, is a betrayal of his supposed commitment to upholding the public trust. His jetting around the world, currying favor and votes, on a platform upon which he can’t even perform, makes him, to my mind, a …. punk-ass bitch.

Maybe that’s a little harsh. You can say it. I know what it means to live under labels like that. My family was deemed nothing more than trash when I was younger, by an agent of the judicial system. I don’t take throwing the label out lightly, and yet, I’m not backing down. He clearly isn’t really listening to anyone that isn’t an industry representative. And I’m sure that crowd has plenty of nice names and compliments and polite insults that they can throw at him. I personally don’t have time for all that. You don’t either.

Besides….using polite insults is a status quo form of activism….and we need no more of the status quo of anything. Not politics. Not activism. Not calling each other out on the carpet. So, I called him a punk-ass bitch and I stand by it.

Inslee’s refusal to acknowledge that the laws he says he is committed to working within….those same laws that were heavily influenced by industry input….that refusal is an abject insult to, and ignores how much those laws betray, the public trust. His actions (or lack thereof) ignore the damage perpetrated within those laws and affirms the colonialism that has wrought such destruction on our beautiful planet. He will honor the laws – all the while the GOP is working to pull down every single one of those laws because they say that they are too prohibitive. So, what will there be left to work within and honor? How deadly will our air be? How deadly will our water be? How many have to die while he participates in the status quo incrementalism of “let’s work within the laws”.

He takes advantage of the community conversations and actions that have brought climate chaos into the forefront, currying the favor of media and potential voters, all while exercising not one ounce of the privilege he has access to that would allow real change to evolve. He meets with people who will grant him the ability to continue in the status quo of incrementalism, all while salmon bake in rivers and orca communities are grieving their lost community members. THIS IS STILL HAPPENING.

He plays a role, and has no context for the character of the character he is acting out. He is a shallow actor. The birds are dying. In Tacoma, seagulls are no longer a reality of life in our port city. And the estuary is dying from hunger, under the immense pressure of concrete and asphalt. He acts like a punk-ass bitch.

Now – don’t get me wrong. I’m not an anarchist. I don’t believe you burn it all down and hope for the best. What he is ignoring is the generations and centuries and millennia of wisdom, knowledge, and right actions that live within the hearts, minds, and blood of Indigenous people. The wisdom and knowledge which could help us build a better future for our children and grandchildren, goes absolutely ignored. It’s almost like the Centennial Accord is another broken treaty. Just at the state level.

So, no, let’s not burn it all down. But let’s stop doing what has been done for two and a half centuries and let the knowledge that exists in the lands and the Indigenous People of the lands be the guidance to reconstruct a just and livable future. Let’s get out of incrementalism, groupthink and status quo policies. Let’s crowdsource a better set of regulations that DON’T include industry. They have had their say. They clearly do not care about the public nor their trust. Let’s put our heads and hearts together and develop something that is good for our future generations. This is what is being asked of him. But he would rather play a shallow character than be a genuine actor.

So, maybe you don’t agree with me calling him a punk-ass bitch. Perhaps you would agree that, at the least, he’s a son-of-a-trump.

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