Monitoring the air

I recently acquired a Plume Air Monitor to monitor more than just PM2.5. I like Plume because it’s portable and reliable. My plan is to start spending time at select sites around the Port of Tacoma with my Plume attached to start gathering baseline data.

On a separate note, it has become a point of contention for me that I, as a citizen, have to take this action to document and protect the health of my community and environment. The reality is that industry knows exactly how detrimental their actions are to our health and to the environment. They go to extreme lengths to prevent us from knowing what they are doing. They go to extreme lengths to provide cover in the way of codes and regulations whether that be changing or the outright elimination of them.

How absolutely insane it is that we still have to fight for clean air, clean water, and clean land, when we know that these are the foundations of true abundance – health and wealth included.

Stay tuned for updates as I learn how to use this device and to report what is happening.

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