This is a small survey I created to begin the conversation in the community about the correlation between air quality and health. The questions are not intended to establish correlation and causality – instead, the questions are designed to gauge interest and awareness within the community about our health and how we might be impacted by the emissions that are generated by industry.

When I moved to Tacoma, into the neighborhood near the Port, I was under the impression that the air quality was being adequately monitored by government agencies. I was shocked to find out that this isn’t true. Neither agency nor industry measure in real time, nor cumulatively, the emissions and their impacts on the community and the environment.

There is a lot of work to be done to change this paradigm. The first action is to start acknowledging the potential for harm we are being exposed to, and then to start measuring it. We must start gathering data. Neither agency nor industry are gathering the data.

Please forgive the mistakes in the survey. Hopefully you will feel comfortable answering the questions in spite of the mistakes.

Thank you

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