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August 28 – Tideflats Subarea Plan – August 28, City Hall, Noonish?


Change doesn’t come overnight. We know that this is a long battle. While the port and the city continue to drag their feet on this process, they are not dragging their feet as far as encouraging/allowing industry to push new projects and expansions into the tideflats subarea. So, go to every meeting you can. Invite your neighbors. This Tuesday there is supposed to be a meeting on the subarea plan. I can’t currently find it on the City’s website. Attached is a picture of a handout received at a recent neighborhood council meeting, since I can’t find the link. Email jgriffith@cityoftacoma.org for more information / to be added to the mailing list. 

upcoming august 28 study sessions

The Public Comment period for the PSCAA air permit for the LNG will be coming up soon. I wanted to address some concerns that we are having with PSCAA and their ‘inability’ to do anything outside of the legislation in place. Typically, public servants are not activists or partisan politicals. They function within the laws, codes and regulations that govern their agencies. What we are seeing, however, is that agency (legislators, mayors, council members, committees) is captured by industry, putting the public servants in the middle. It falls to us to be the flies in the honey, so to speak, when it comes to the plans that agency and industry concoct without the input or concerns of citizens. I’ll have more to write on this later.

In the meantime, let’s familiarize ourselves with the current legislation, and come up with comments that have meaning and are actionable by PSCAA. This means we will have to dig deep. I suspect (with some strong anecdotal evidence) that industry and agency have closed all the loopholes they can so that PSCAA has no room to rule against them. Be intrepid, persistent and thorough. Workshop this with your neighbors. Workshop this with people who are versed and competent and learn how to become competent in navigating the codes, regulations and laws.

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