Assumes good intent….

Last night, I made myself watch the State of the City for City of Tacoma. I did not want to watch it. I did not want to be there in person. I don’t deal well with disingenuous people who use their positions of power to espouse ways of being in the world that harm others.

You have to know, that for the last ten years, I have worked diligently on aligning my personal ethos, my principles and philosophies, to the motto of “assume good intent”. In fact, when I first started this work over two years ago, I came in with that philosophy – to assume good intent. To be genuinely curious and to ask good questions. This work is very personal to me, as it is to so many others, I’m sure. In order to walk in a good way, I have tried to stay true to my principles. I asked questions, I pushed people’s narratives to determine what their foundations were made of. Time and time again. It’s hard work, but powerful. Sometimes I fall off that path, but I am getting better and quicker at recovering my steps to the good path.

I have not and still do not see anything good in the intent behind the fracked gas factory. In fact, every thing that the city, the port, the state, and industry has done has proven time and time again that there is no good intent underlying their actions. From what I can tell, their intent is the sole goal of profit, at any cost to the human and more-than-human community.

I will not be cowed or made to seem as if I’m an alarmist or a bitter person. I just don’t have patience in my veins for the green-washing, the empty promises, the passive-aggressive nor the aggressive ways that are used to further a project that has no good outcomes for human and more-than-human communities.

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