Organizational Culture of Yes.

I’m so fricking hot right now. Typically, I try to stay balanced emotionally and keep my anger on low simmer….I submitted a public disclosure request to the City, for all documents mentioning “culture of yes”…..which is an organizational culture (google ‘organizational culture of yes’) that the “head planner” recently bragged about, saying that this is how the city makes development happen….bending the rules without breaking them….there is NO WAY there is no documentation – policy, training materials, emails, memos – that detail how the City implements this “culture of yes”….so, if you have any ideas about how to attack this beast – because I believe it to be the underlying rot in the City and feeds the environmental devastation they are guilty of – please let me know. Maybe it’s time to get an attorney???

The last two years have proven to me over and over again that the City has NO intention of being forthright and honest with their neighbors and citizens. From only sending notices to addresses within 400 feet of the site where the fracked gas factory was going to be built, to shutting down citizens forum before the Women’s March could arrive at City Hall last summer.

I have NO tolerance for dishonest people who do their jobs in a disingenuous way.


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