Don’t forget to dream

I hear people frequently say…”the system is rigged and we need to get rid of it” but they rarely have an idea of what they would replace that torn down, rigged system with.

If you tear it down and haven’t created the replacement, you create a vacuum. And nature abhors a vacuum. You might get something worse if you don’t have a replacement system ready to go.

Yes….keep pulling at the riggings of an unjust system, but make sure you have crafted a replacement. And aim high, think big, in a way some might think crazy or impossible.

I am dreaming, scheming, contemplating what a just and peaceful society would look like, where people are real human beings and live the Seven Grandfather Teachings. In earnest and with humility, perhaps imperfect but guided by the Spirits in a good way.

That’s the skeleton of a system. We need meat on the bones. And it takes all of us, together, creating and building a new system.

You ready?

In the words of Vine Deloria, Jr, “let’s get together and talk about things that are important.”

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