Where will you be?

When disaster strikes that 8 million gallon tank of compressed fracked gas?

Photo Courtesy Steve Storms; Fracked gas tank halfway built, protesters locked down

Will you be on Marine View Drive? At Taylor and 509? Or Alexander? Or at a restaurant on Thea Foss? Will you be in NE Tacoma or Fife? On I 5? On the water, on a summers day? Fishing or paddle boarding? Will you be having a meal at Poodle Dog or listening to a band at Louie G’s?

An explosion of a gas pipeline happened today, 13 December, in Texas.

On the 12th of December, a natural gas plant had a ‘technical issue’ and the resulting explosion killed one, injured 18 others, and left the region scrambling for gas.

How will you get away from the vapor cloud? How will you get away from the smoke?

Remember, in 2016, when the tanker truck wrecked and I-5 was shut down for a couple of hours? Like, completely shut down. That was the day that a lot of the community was trying to get to the Fabulich Center for a Port meeting. That meeting lasted about 2.5 hours. Traffic getting out of the Port was horrible. There were no routes that were not backed up into the Port, waiting for traffic to get through.

Even if you live in Tacoma and are trying to get away from the drifting toxic cloud of smoke, you will have a huge challenge getting up the hill and away from the drifting cloud. Even if you live in NE Tacoma, you will be hampered by two lane roads and traffic back ups trying to get to I-5.

Just think about where you will be. Where your kids will be. What will life be like when that tank has a catastrophic failure?

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