Air Quality issues

PSCAA image captured by C. Riedener and posted to social media

I woke up several times last night, a couple of times startled with the idea that something was burning. This morning I have a cough, wheezing and a scratchy, dry throat. There is also congestion in my sinuses. For over a week, the fog and stagnant air have caused a great deal of worry and concern.

As previously documented here, there are no real time measurements of the emissions for which industry is responsible. They only report voluntarily, with mathematical calculations in reports to agency. They are also not reporting nor are they measured in relation to each other. In essence, we have no idea how much of what is being emitted might be putting our health in serious jeopardy.

Here’s what we know is not being measured: hexavalent chromium, cadmium, methane, benzene, arsenic nor any of the solvents (toluene, xylene, etc). All creating negative health outcomes, many are carcinogenic. All emissions expected from the fossil fuel industry.

Don’t forget we have a plastics manufacturing plant down there.
There are at least two flares.

Be worried.

What doesn’t get in your lungs goes in the water and lands on the soil. It doesn’t go away.

Dissipation as a way of protecting human and environmental health only works if you don’t have to worry about cumulative effects. For example, if it was only one small fossil fuel plant…maybe their emissions would dissipate to a negligible level. That’s not what we are dealing with.

We are at what can easily be referred to as onslaught. Fierce and deadly attacks on human and environmental health.

Remember to report any air quality issues – bad odors, stinging in the eyes, ears and throat, coughing or wheezing.

Additionally, this is a link to a fundraising effort to start a citizen scientist air quality monitoring program. We need a monitor, or two. We need to get a monitor to measure the air quality NOW as a baseline before the 8  million gallon tank goes operational. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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