Please start documenting when you see smog / brown clouds. Take pictures. Report air quality issues to PSCAA using the link at the top of this blog. But post on FB on Redefine Tacoma or Civic Actions for the Salish Sea.

The fundraising for the air quality monitors isn’t going as well as I️ had hoped. Maybe after the holiday season things will pick up.

It’s important to document all this in order to provide evidence of our concerns and to disabuse people of the idea that we are acting like “Chicken Little”. The reality is that we don’t know what is in the air, and our agencies don’t know for sure what is in the air. They don’t know how much is in the air.

If you post pictures on social media, please report the date and location. If you are wary of putting a location on social media, you can message me on social media (Twylia Westling) or email abetterportfuture at gmail.

Thank you.

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