Air Quality Monitoring

This is an update for those who are considering donating to the fundraiser I launched for air quality monitors in my community. I want to make sure that I’m clear and transparent about this action.

  1. Why I’m fundraising
    It became really clear that there were no real time air quality monitors at the Port of Tacoma. When my husband and I moved here 10 years ago, we knew we were moving near an industrial port. We were under the impression that local and state agencies were keeping an eye on these industries to make sure that they weren’t putting human and environmental health at risk. That turns out to be not true. Moreover, we have discovered that there is no cumulative measurement of the toxins that are emitted from all the different industries. No one has taken it up as an action, so I decided to do this.
  2. Am I qualified to do air quality monitoring? 
    Yes and no. While I’m not a scientist, I have studied environmental education methods, including water quality testing methods. My master’s thesis was a research project investigating the differences between successful and unsuccessful geothermal projects in Tribal communities. I know enough about the scientific method to feel comfortable in designing and completing air quality monitoring projects. My data may not make a huge difference in the scientific world, but I hope to at least create a body of work that could lead to more understanding. No one is doing anything. Something has to be better than nothing. I’m also hoping to engage others who have a more science based background.
  3. What if I don’t make my financial goal?
    One monitor, with all the sensors, runs over $5k. If I only raise $500.00, I’m probably not going to spot the $4500. If that happens, I will either return your money or donate it to a charity of your choice. Unless I’m able to find something that will do the job for a lower price. At any rate, I will keep you, the donors, notified.
  4. What monitors are being considered?
    I’m looking at the MultiRae and something from AQMesh (waiting on a quote). I’m shooting for mobile monitors to be able to collect multiple data points. I would love to have a benzene monitor, but those are about $6k for just one. If anyone has suggestions for better monitors, I’m open to suggestions.
  5. How long will the fundraiser run?
    Well….I want to get this started right away. I want to get some baseline air quality readings taken before the dang fracked gas plant gets built. We need to get that baseline in place. I hope it doesn’t take more than two months from now. February 3, 2018 will be the end date, so helping me spread the word and getting donors will be greatly appreciated.

I want to thank you for sharing, donating, considering – just caring. I know it can be hard to pay attention to all the things going on in the world right now. I really appreciate your consideration.


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