100 years

100 years and The Port of Tacoma and City of Tacoma have been in league together, making decisions about how stolen lands were to be used by industry. 100 years of environmental abuse, turns out.

City and Port continue to provide cover for these industries to pollute and degrade the land, air and water that should belong to the commons. They enable and facilitate the false stories of how good industry is. They provide a warped narrative for industry, wherein industry can complain that the regulations and permit processes are so burdensome, and yet the reality of degradation continues.

Photo credit Todd Deringer

Two toxic plumes on the Hylebos is not a narrative. That’s a fact.

Tonight, there is a gathering of good people fighting for the right of the community and the Salish Sea to be free from the stranglehold industry has on us.

Now is the time for you to voice your opinion about whether or not industry should get another 100 years of irresponsibility on the Salish Sea and with our air and land.

The City is using an excuse that they will be sued if they impose any pause on development on the Port.

Maybe the City deserves to be sued. To what extent have these public servants failed in their due diligence to protect the city from lawsuits? To what extent have these public servants failed to vigorously protect and defend the citizens and their environment?

I️ have no confidence in any of these public servants. Their actions have proven their allegiance is to industry. Everything they do is in support of that, even when industry is a proven bad actor toward human and environmental health.

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