Sea level change at the port – pause development

This is a City of Tacoma document regarding climate change impacts at the Port.

Dark blue highlights are areas that already experience sea water encroachment at high tide. They are already below current extreme high tide elevations.

Light blue areas appear to represent where the port will experience significant sea water encroachment. In these light blue areas are superfund sites and industry.

At the top of the image, there are two red circles. One represents where the PSE/Macquarie fracked gas plant is being built. The red circle next to it is where the Targa Tank farm is.

Keep in mind a few things:

When Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey, one of Arkema plants, where the chemicals required constant cooling, had an explosion. We have an 8 million gallon tank, requiring constant cooling, being built on a parcel of land that is basically a slag heap, and will be subject to sea water inundation, right next to a tank farm of fuels and other chemicals.

The sea change is happening. Climate change report

Over the next 32 years, how much encroachment will take place is not clearly known. But we know it’s coming.

Instead of putting more heavy industry on the port, we should be pausing that development and devoting our time and energy to cleaning up the messes that industry has left us over the last 100 years.

One last thing to bring to your attention….I’m still trying to figure out how to interpret this data….

On the hills of NETacoma, they have highlighted them in orange. The key says that orange represents roads that will be affected by climate change. Those are pretty steep hills, and if they lose integrity and slide, they will slide right into the tank farm.

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