emissions, emissions, emissions…..

here are some pictures for you to right size your perception of the fracked gas plant Tacoma is getting. The first picture is of one in Florida. The second one is of the plant in Louisiana. And the third picture is our plant.

florida fracked gas faciltiyla fracked gas plant

tacomas fracked gas plant

This is a video about Boston’s plant. Bostons’s plant They quickly scan through the site, so it’s hard to get a sense for how big it actually is.

Let’s talk about emissions. And let’s ask ourselves some questions – which we may or may not get answered. Apparently the permitting process is going smoothly for industry, while we pesky citizens have to work our tails off to even have the CHANCE to ask questions, let alone get good answers; answers that aren’t standardized and co-written by industry. I digress.

Will our fracked gas factory emit benzene?
What other toxic chemicals will we be exposed to?
How much?
Who will measure the emissions and how will they be measured?
What other industries are emitting benzene?
What other chemicals are the other industries on the port emitting?
How much? Are they measured cumulatively?

Industry and agency are frighteningly cavalier about the chemicals we are exposed to constantly. They allow the gaslighting of our movements and advocates, and attempt to paint us as shrill extremists, pesky nimby’s, or alternatively, cry-baby-do-nothing-whiners.

Here’s something for your consideration. This 20 minute video is very eye-opening about the chemical assault we are constantly under. She makes a powerful argument about why allowing chemical assault on people as a support of an economy is insane. Remember… no one is measuring our exposure to toxic chemicals in this city with any meaningful insight. We don’t know.

I will post more later about the answers to the questions noted above. I will also probably likely have more questions. If you have questions, please let me know and I will endeavor to get them answered for you.

We are on the precipice of an environmental assault like we have not known for a long time.

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