Hands up to all the people who show up to meetings and speak up to remind City Council that they have a constituency of citizens to honor. 

Below are some principles I have been contemplating. 

Principle #1 – citizens of Tacoma deserve to know about any and all development in our city. We deserve to know about tax breaks and any other impacts to our quality of life. If anyone tells you that’s not true or tries to deny you your right to know, or right to have an opinion, check their bank account. As much as I hate to sound jaded, recent events have proven to me that the influence of money in this town is at code red levels of obscene. 

Principle #2 – citizens of Tacoma are smarter than the public administrators and decision makers want to acknowledge. Not all of us have credentials behind our names, but we are some pretty intelligent and bright people. I consider the hallmarks of intelligence to be: critical thinking skill, facility with debate and cogent arguments, curiosity and integrity of thought. We are blessed to have a lot of people with these attributes, across the spectrum in this town.  I know a few people with credentials after their name who don’t meet any of the aforementioned attributes of intelligence. 

Principle #3 – we, being a diverse and intelligent community, have more in common than not. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can find more colllaborative ways of fixing our wicked problems than fighting against each other. 

Tonight, there was s public meeting to discuss the oil expansion permit US Oil is requesting. It’s a huge document, and it’s gonna take some time for us to review it. But that’s our right and our responsibility. 


City Council didn’t record the meeting, so if you couldn’t make it, I guess it’s too bad so sad for us (I couldn’t make it due to illness). 

It looks like we have a long way to go to restoring meaningful democratic principles to our processes. 

Let me know if you are interested in deciphering this document and making some comments. 

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