Money, without benefit of a moral compass….

perpetuates the sickness of environmental devastation.

When someone claims to be an environmentalist, but funds everything having to do with fracking, they are not a friend to the environment.

A friend of the environment knows the importance of land, air, and water – not those in their backyard alone – but those in the backyards of relatives near and far.

A friend of the environment does not make a friend of industry; recognizes industry not as an enemy, but as an adversary. A friend of the environment endeavors to inspire the better angels of industry to participate fairly and responsibly in their endeavors, and does not legitimize their devastating and bad behavior.


A friend of the environment knows that a $10,000.00 donation will not clean up 100 years of chemical waste, no matter how far it may go toward a politician’s campaign. A friend of the environment knows that a body of water cannot use a $25,000.00 donation to relieve the onslaught of effluent discharge of industry, permitted and legal and just as toxic as if it were illegal. The $25,000.00 donation is another nail in the watery grave of salmon and orca.

A friend of the environment does not consider the environment as an ‘other’ and does not see themselves as separate from the environment …. a friend recognizes the land, the water, the air, the eagles, the orcas, the coyotes – all are relatives, who are deserving of respect and are owed our responsibility.

I reject any political candidate who takes money from those who do not care to be responsible to the health and welfare of people and more-than-human relatives. I reject any person who claims to be a friend of the environment, but who cannot find it in their soul to make peace with the water and beg it’s forgiveness for the toxic onslaught of humankind.

We will not be able to buy our way out of a future without salmon, eagles, clean water or clean air.

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