I only need two other people to start saying this statement for it to have power. “Where two or more are gathered together….” Tomorrow night there is an opportunity to gather together with those who defend and protect the Salish Sea from further intrusions by the fossil fuel industry on the Port.

victory for the salish sea


Show up: Public Hearing with Tacoma City Council on Interim Regulations in the Tideflats:

Tuesday 10/17/17 at the Pantages Theater – 901 Broadway Tacoma. Be there around 4:30 to make sure you get signed up to speak.

I want to share the etymology of the word ‘defeat’ because the history of the words we use is important. It’s what gives them power:

Medieval Latin (disfacere): undo
Old French: (desfaire)
Old French: (desfait) undone

We must DEFEAT the fracked gas factory, also known as LNG. We must undo and annul what has been done so far.

Because what has been done has been done without integrity, the strength of this word, defeat, is amplified by the integrity with which you say and speak about this project. Say it with me! 🙂

Tomorrow night you have the chance to stand up and speak about what the City and Port ought to do when it comes to new / expanded fossil fuel projects. Think about what you will say that will PROTECT the Salish Sea and will DEFEAT LNG and other fossil fuel projects. Speak with strength and integrity about the harm that further fossil fuel projects will have on human and environmental health.

Here are a few talking points you might consider:

  1. There are at least four different tank farms on the Port, all within half mile or so of each other.
  2. There is no ‘real time’ monitoring of air quality done on the Port for anything other than 2.5 particulate matter (wood smoke).
  3. Industry historically does not behave responsibly. Ecology is aware of over 1300 active clean up sites in and around the Port.
  4. There is a vicious cycle going on between industry and ecology: industry pollutes and walks away leaving us the mess; ecology comes in and has to manage the cleanup and maybe assesses fines or assigns cleanup costs; the site gets designated with an environmental covenant, which is forever, and designates the site as only good for industrial use; a new industry comes in and pollutes, walks away leaving us the mess, and ecology comes in with the same approach as always.
  5. The port is on mudflats, also known as tideflats. Tideflats are biologically important to the health of the Salish Sea.
    This is the Place of Circling Waters. It is almost all that is left of the tideflats, just east of the Calbag Metals site.

    The tideflats have been covered over with industrial slag and pollution for almost 100 years. In the image below, the dotted areas are the mudflats. The white areas are the current areas populated by industry. There is little to no chance for the mudflats to recover because we keep treating it like a garbage dump.

Image taken from Superlong Plastics Cleanup Site Presentation by Dept of Ecology

When your relative is sick, battling the worst form of cancer and nearing the need for hospice, you don’t throw more poison in their system. You do everything you can to help them recover. This is what we should be doing now and why we should be stopping any further expansion of dirty industry on the Port.

Everyone of us needs to find our voices, our care and compassion for the tideflats and for the Salish Sea and work to make a change in the way industry and agency treat our land and water.

So, show up, speak up. Protect the Salish Sea, Defeat LNG!

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