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I had hoped to get this written before now – life just gets away from you sometimes. Comments due 10/16.


Ecology Superlon site 

Most people don’t know it but there are over 1300 sites needing to be cleaned up on the port. Many of them are horribly disastrous. It is important for us to all keep our eyes and ears open about these sites. Keep in mind – Ecology said that they don’t normally hold public meetings about upcoming cleanup actions. (WHAT THE HECK!!!!) They also don’t have to notify the public living outside a quarter mile radius of any site. This is a horrible policy because there are very few people who live within quarter mile of the port, but we are ALL affected by everything that happens to the land and water at the port. We should demand more meaningful notifications and ample times to be able to address these issues that affect all of us and future generations. 12 days to respond to a notification is woefully lacking.

I’m attaching the presentation that was given to those of us who were lucky enough to carve time out to attend the meeting. SUPERLON COMMENT PERIOD PRESENTATION w RSL Intro

There’s a ton of information – I think it’s important we address the fact that ecology is going to put an environmental covenant on this property. That covenant will limit the site to only industrial use – in perpetuity. That means that they will never allow it to be used for anything other than industrial. There are many concerning aspects of this.

  1. An environmental covenant essentially says that the site is so contaminated it can never be used for anything other than industrial purposes. However – since only industry has ever been on the port, every ounce of toxic contamination is BECAUSE of industry. Industry is irresponsible with regard to the land and the water. This would basically allow industry to have title to the land forever.
  2. Ecology made a comment that the slag from the Occidental Chemical site had been removed. If this is true, then there is no reason to put an environmental covenant on this property. Especially since they are planning on on spending the next three years to finish cleaning up the arsenic and lead. If the slag is gone, and they spend the next three years remediating to as close to zero as they can get, there is no need to put an environmental covenant on the property.

These are the actions that are being proposed for the site:

Treating on-Property perched water in-situ using an additive that has been
demonstrated to be effective;
Excavating and disposing of soil with arsenic and lead concentrations greater than
Property-specific remediation levels;
Constructing a gravel cover on the Property; and
Applying a Deed Restriction {environmental covenant}to limit the Property to industrial land use.

Here is the draft SEPA determination: SEPA Superlon_DNS_checklist_figures – 2017 draft

Here is where you submit your comments on the cleanup plans:

Marv Coleman
Site Manager
(360) 407-6259|

Megan Macclellan
Public Involvement Coordinator
(360) 407-0067


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