Urgent Help Needed Monday 9/18/17

Today (Monday, 9/18/17) is the  deadline for comments regarding expansion of fossil fuel permitting at the Port of Tacoma for Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. This is not just a Tacoma issue. This is not just a Puget Sound issue. Please alert your networks and pulse your friends and family to submit comments. I know this is short notice. Your voices are desperately needed.

Here is the link to the specific page on the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Site

Here is just a snippet of why you should care, written by my friend Nanette Reetz, who has been working tirelessly to help keep me and others informed.

URGENT- A hearing was held last Thursday Sept. 15th for PSCAA to hear public comments regarding Targa’s request to add natural gasoline to their arsenal of toxins. Targa is requesting to terminal (receive, store & ship) up to      151,500,000     gallons per year of natural gasoline. The project includes the modification of four existing tanks to enable storage of these products. By converting existing tanks Targa is avoiding a normally required EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) by the Dept. of Ecology. Gasoline will be received by pipeline and the other products by rail-​car. The permit to terminal natural gasoline would allow an annual average of one unit train per week (107 rail`cars) to be offloaded from rail-cars and loaded onto marine vessels. Keep in mind, natural gasoline is TOXIC TO MARINE LIFE with long lasting effects and Targa is located on the Hylebos Waterway. Natural gasoline releases Benzene emissions into the air and is a known carcinogen to human health. PSCAA CAN NOT CURRENTLY MEASURE FOR BENZENE

That last statement is really important to remember. Benzene CAN be measured in emissions, but there is no mandate for industry or agency to ACTUALLY measure the REAL TIME emissions coming out of industry. We do not have the benefit of air quality sensors for the most toxic of emissions. Measuring and reporting of emissions is done BY BOOK. Industry reports the chemicals they have bought, and they report what they have produced using those chemicals, and then some math is done, and a number supposedly representing industry’s emissions is arrived at.

It’s important to note that it is not a cumulative measurement either. So, four different companies on the Port, producing cancer causing emissions are measured INDEPENDENTLY of each other. If each industry gets a passing grade, independent of each other, then they each get to continue, cumulatively, to emit devastating by-products into the air.

Here is a picture of what Targa looks like on Marine View Drive in Tacoma. You will drive right by these and be within feet of them should anything happen. (Taken from 350 Tacoma).


Please recognize that this isn’t just a Tacoma issue. It’s not just a Puget Sound issue. This is a Salish Sea and future generations issue. Those rail-cars come from somewhere. The air is shared. The water is shared. The health and wellness and quality of life of your descendants is at risk.

Here is a letter that you can reference to send your comments. You don’t have to use the whole letter. weneedyouhands

Please, please, please….I know that this is short notice, but your voice is desperately needed. We are all just about hoarse trying to use our voices and bodies to stop this onslaught of degradation against our more-than-human relatives. Creator bless you for taking a few minutes to make a noise, with your voice, with us. Chi miigwech

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