Halt fossil fuel development 

I am writing to voice my support for interim regulations to limit fossil fuel industry expansion in Tacoma at the Port of Tacoma.

First and foremost, the Port of Tacoma repeatedly refuses to acknowledge the Puyallup as a sovereign nation, whose future is constantly at risk because of the decisions made by Port of Tacoma. This is a most egregious wrong on behalf of the Port and it is a continuance of the colonialist genocide that has been perpetrated against Indigenous people since contact. I have zero confidence in the Port, as a quasi-governmental agency, to adhere to the Commerce Clause (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3) of the U.S. Constitution. They surely do not recognize or honor Article VI, Clause 2, of the Constitution, which sets up the Supremacy of treaties made with the Sovereign Nations, such as the Puyallup. They, the Port, do not care enough to honor these clauses; they will not be trustworthy to honor other laws.

Speaking of laws, currently, PSE is moving forward with construction of the fracked gas (LNG) plant at the port. They do not have permits to do so. They do not care. They do not honor the social contracts put in place, such as requiring public engagement and environmental studies. They will never care to honor those social contracts. They want us to believe that they are trustworthy “corporate citizens”, yet they flaunt the bypassing of laws and the suppression and oppression of public opinion at every turn. This is proof enough that they will NEVER act for the safety and health of the public nor the environment. Their segmented permits are also proof of their desire to choose profit and poorly laid plans over wisdom, safety and health.

We, the community, have a lot of work ahead of us to reverse the impacts that industry has left behind in their wake. Please, let us have the moratorium on expansion of fossil fuel projects. Let us have time to figure out what the best way to move Tacoma forward is, without selling our souls, and environmental/health safety of future generations, to these “corporate citizens” who have exhibited irresponsible behavior over and over.

We can have a thriving economy and good energy choices. We don’t have to be beholden to the whims of corporate schemers who have historically poisoned our legacy for generations to come, with no repercussions or consequences. Let us take the time to think about things that are important and find a way to a healthy sustainable future.

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