Dear Tacoma ….

This is our future if more of us don’t start standing up for the Salish Sea and all those who live on/around her. Make no mistake. What’s going on in Houston will happen here. Whether it’s 2 years. 25 years. 100 years. This is coming. We live in one of the most geologically dangerous places on earth, on the ring of fire. Once the chemicals get into the water, it will take thousands of years for them to be mitigated. How many years has Occidental been shut down? And there is still no end in site to that clean up! This is real. This is our wake up call. 

This is our present. Honestly, what we see as beauty today is a pale comparison of what this region used to look, smell, taste and feel like. Do you want to lose what little beauty and health we have left? 

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