The damage unseen

Recently I posted a bit about the impacts of pipelines on waters. Today I want to highlight the damage that we do to our water, both fresh and salt, that we may not be able to see. It is important that we open our eyes and see these issues from a holistic point of view.

Cruise ships dump in the water of the seas – they dump human waste, oils, chemicals used in dry-cleaning and photo processing. Often times, they are caught and fined. They are quick to appeal the fines. In one case in Seattle, the cruise line’s defense was that they didn’t realize that they were within the boundary where dumping was prohibited. This site tracks environmental issues on cruise ships. And this page is helpful.

Navy ships dump in the water of the seas as well. They dump garbage, plastics and other items in the sea. My ex told me that when he would return from a tour, the seamen were instructed to dump over the side of the ship anything that they couldn’t carry on their backs. While this practice may have been curtailed over the last few years, I encourage you to think about what damage has been done to these bodies of water.

The damage that we are doing to the water is not only affecting us, it’s affecting our more than human relatives.

Here is a short presentation for you. Water

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