Fighting for beauty

This is my view of the port. PSE is trying to paint opposition to their fracked gas plant as “elitist” and saying that the only reason people oppose the plant is because it would ruin their waterfront views.
It’s such a petty argument, implying that standing up for the beauty and bounty of nature is a bad thing. My opposition to their fracked gas plant is about protecting beauty. 

I do want to protect this view, not because it represents money (real estate value) but because it represents so many aspects of life on this planet as I understand it. We have lived here for ten years, and we knew that we were buying above a working port. When we first heard of the creation of the NWSA, we were initially thrilled. We didn’t know that the Port and PSE were planning such a devastating environmental disaster for this town. 
This is a picture of the Hylebos from the 11th Street bridge. This is also what helps define and inform my opposition to this fracked gas plant. This body of water is damaged so extensively, and rather than give this living being time to heal and recupèrate from human impact, some humans want to keep pounding the nails into her coffin, even though this living being is still living and breathing and trying to uphold her part of the compact / reciprocal relationship between human and more-than-human communities. 

Some may only see the surface, unaware of the devastating toxicity that humans have left behind in the soil and sediment. I see the surface and I know of the toxic damage underlying her beauty. And rather than give up on her and pound nails in the coffin, I will sing to her and commune with and listen to her. I will protect her. 

She is nbi, water. She is named Hylebos by the colonizer, but she is part of the Salish Sea and her life begins in the mountains. 

I do want to protect this relative and the views of her – not only for myself – for the sake of the water, for the sake of those who might find soul- healing in their relationship with her, for the sake of generations to come. 

These views of these waters are precious, and it deeply troubles my soul that there are so many people who work so hard and so diligently to drive the nails into her coffin. Their inability to see her beauty and her value beyond a dollar sign makes me sad for their souls. 

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