When the war is just….

But the tactics fall short. 

I’ve recently had to take a sabbatical from my role as an active protector of the Salish Sea. 

I have become disheartened to see some fellow active protectors get pulled into negativity and careless rhetoric. I am not better than anyone else….I feel the anger and disgust when faced with the tactics of those who would sell the Salish Sea out for a few pieces of gold. Their language and strategies are hurtful, maddening, selfish. But they are engaging in psychological warfare. If we can’t see this and accept it as fact, soon, we will lose the war. 

We must guard against getting engaged in schoolyard fights, where name calling and pettiness run our days. This distracts us from the real work they are doing and disheartens us. It drains us of the love and vitality that calls us to serve as active protectors. Those who are of the Christian faith must remember the exhortation of Paul…”she (love) is never resentful; she’s never glad with sin; she’s always glad to side with truth and pleased that truth will win…” 

I will not rejoice when someone is paying a price for their hateful rhetoric. I will have compassion for them and do what I can to help them see a better way of being in this world. I will not take it personally when someone calls me a name. Instead, I will look inside myself to see if there is any truth to the name calling. Where might I make a course correction in my life to be a more loving human being. If there is no course correction necessary, I will shake the dust off my shoes and remove myself from the presence and focus of the one calling me names. I will not retort with another name. 

We have to begin to see that the weapon of choice in this war is psychological warfare. And the best defense is remembering that love guides our thoughts, words, and deeds. We defend and strengthen our forces when we refuse to be caught up in their psychological warfare, and if we find ourselves tripped up in their snare, we course correct as soon as possible. Apologize for being less than loving. Strengthen and move forward. 

Being loving and kind is a fierce, powerful strategy. 

I have to figure out when and how I can get back int the battle, but I don’t see that happening in the near future. Only when my spirit and heart can guide me through this season of brutality. 

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