All too real


Yesterday, my husband and I drove over to the Blair waterway to see what was going on. Seeing the activity that is currently taking place at the site where the fracked gas plant is planned for the waterway was extremely sobering. There are augers on the ground. They have been actively working on this site.

I don’t know why it landed on me so strongly, all of a sudden. It’s not as though I didn’t know WHERE the site was located. But, realizing how close it is, literally a few minutes drive from MARINE VIEW DRIVE – the reality that an 8 million gallon plant of fracked gas that will bring chemicals, dirty air, and extreme explosion danger to our community is so close….this is very sobering.

Just a few minutes from Marine View Drive.

Literally, across the waterway from Chinook Landing.

I’m shocked, but even more intent on bringing all my energies and efforts to putting an end to this project so that it never gains ground in our community.

If you don’t know what is at risk, please watch this film about the Alberta Tar Sands.

Also, here is a very informative article about how those tar sands are headed right here – to our Salish Sea – not just the Port of Tacoma – all up and down the Salish Sea, but landing here. Tar Sands Pipeline

If we allow a plant to be built that processes this stuff, it’s one more nail in humanities coffin.

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