Sales Tax Survey Results

Update: The PDF is updated and hopefully there are no more errors!  Thanks to those who caught my editing failures. Recently, I launched a survey of NE Tacoma residents to gauge whether or not they were spending money in Tacoma zip codes other than 98422. I suspected that City of Tacoma, including the council and Port of Tacoma, were not valuing the contribution of the citizens of NE Tacoma properly. NE Tacoma residents appear to pay the highest property tax rate in all of the City of Tacoma. Yet, they are rarely consulted and informed of critical projects in any meaningful way.

The survey did not produce a statistically significant result, but it highlights some facts about the community that should be given more consideration by the decision makers.

The report/presentation is long. I apologize for that. I tried to keep it to the point, but the information was too important to not address. I also had hoped to present this to the community in person, but it has taken so long to put this together, that I didn’t want to wait any longer to get the information out.

We are facing some difficult times in our community, and the need for good, strong, collaborative relationships in the direction of a healthy future for the community is more critical than ever.

sales tax survey rev long

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