WA legislature bills

UPDATE FOR SB 5239 – public hearing scheduled today (2/21) at 1:30 pm!!!!! 

Some bills in the WA legislature you might want to keep your eyes on/comment on:HB 1051 – concerning financing essential public infrastructure. Scheduled for executive session 8 am 2/23

HB 1324 – concerning the financing of local infrastructure. Scheduled for executive session hearing 2/23 at 8:00 am (I think this is the ‘rubber hits the road’ bill for HB 1051)

HJR 4200 – amending the state Constitution to allow the state to guarantee debt issued on behalf of a political subdivision for essential public infrastructure. I need some time sitting with the language on this one. 

SB 5239 – ensuring that water is available to support development. This is going to have a huge impact, and we must make sure we understand the machinations around this. Politically, environmentally and economically. Scheduled for PUBLIC hearing 2/21 at 1:30 pm

To see them, visit app.leg.wa.gov I will try to link later. 

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